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Do you need a simple solution to distribute text messages?

Send a simple email with the following information:

to: => where phone# is the phone number of the receiving party.

from: => your email-address

subject: Hello. How are you?

message: Hi. How are you? Will you come over for dinner? Sarah

It works like this..

When you send an email to we will see if you are a registered customer. Then we will send the content of the mail-body as a text message to the number you specified in the to address.

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1. If I enter by mistake wrong phone number, will you check it. No, unfortunately we are not able to check the number you have entered. None mobile numbers will of course not be sent.

2. Do you support long messages? Yes, messages until 450 char is working like a charm.

3. Can I use my own from number? Yes, you can use your own from number. Please enter your from number when you send in the registration form.

4. Is it possible to add more numbers to one mail? Yes, just add as many you like. Note: The addresses need to be comma separated. Just write something similar , , etc .. Remember , between each address!


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